Oversharing & Under Caring

Hello Friends,
Yes I am two days late to sending a newsletter out, and yes it's completely unacceptable seeing as I have nothing else to do! No apologies but I’ve set up a reminder system now, two weeks like clockwork 🤞.

I am so grateful to have you as a member of my blog and open to receiving my newsletter. It has been nice to have the time to read more newsletters just recently and realise how great they are for getting in touch. Newsletters feel much more personal to me than publishing a blog post and I often feel more comfortable writing different and more personal things.

These last two weeks have been a struggle for me to get through. This crazy situation we have gotten ourselves into seems like a never ending saga. Our UK lockdown continues and looks set to be extended by at least another 3 weeks so we must struggle though. I am lucky enough to work working from home however it is getting harder and harder to separate working hours from non, and even days from each other - time is irrelevant.

I am spending more and more time sat at my desk which is affecting my health. As bad as office life can be the great thing about being in a large office is I can get up and go and see people. So I am getting up and walking about but interacting with people and having conversations. Remember when we used to be able to actually meet people! That was fun time wasn’t it.

Ive been working from home a little bit previously, but this long stretch of nice weather and added stress has been a real struggle - but now is not the time to break. We are in this for at least another week and I am glad to have my blog and social media to write things on.


While I am talking about my blog. What do you think of the updated theme? I’ve been trying to get to something I like the look of, but also does everything that I want. I built the old theme on Wordpress and although it fitted in ok, not everything from Ghost went well. So here we are - something new and I think looking much better.

Let me know your thoughts, what needs changing and all your feedback.

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Indie Blogging And Discussion

This week I had one of the most positive experiences of my blogging life so far and it has pointed out to me the huge benefit of publishing on the web. Over the years I have had plenty of push back regarding my posts, unfortunately most of it negative. However after reading Josh Grinter’s review of the new iPad Pro and going back to the smaller version, I published my thoughts.

Granted it was a bit negative and I felt that using the words “grinds to a halt” was far too strong. Matt Birchler picked up on this and agreed with my stance that the 12.9” was more than manageable — all be it much more eloquently.

Matt Hauger then recorded a podcast on his thoughts on all three of our posts regarding the best size. And then Josh came back with his own thoughts on our push back. All respectfully, all well thought out and no animosity — this is what the indie web is all about.

Excited For A Keyboard

I know for a fact that I am officially old. The only two things I have been excited to receive recently was my MX Master 3 (review here) and now  I am itching to get my hands on the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard.

I know quite a few people are, and it randomly appeared in the store alongside the iPhone SE2 on Thursday. This was a few weeks away from the May launch Apple gave and a bit of a surprise. So much so I found out on Twitter whilst grocery shopping and had to order it there and then just incase I missed out — Apple Pay all the things!

Thankfully it should arrive Monday so you’re bound to know my thoughts in the very near future. Yay for productivity gadgets!

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A Small Challenge

This might seem a bit of a show off, but I’d like everyone to do something to help others this week. We went around of local area delivery chocolate bars to make everyone smile and it worked really well. For a little over £30 we must have cheered up our whole street and I want others to do it too. Let me know what you get up too.

Until then, Stay in, Stay safe, and wash your dam hands.

Greg 🤙

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