Hello Friends,

Shouldn't it be getting warmer by now? I'm convinced March should be warmer than this, but it seems to be getting colder. I hope none of you has issues with the dreaded virus that shall not be named!

I intended to increase the level of newsletters to two a month as I want to increase engagement. I never got around to it last month, but I will do going forward. I'm hoping that this is fine with everyone but understand if it's too much for some.

Matt Birchler put me onto an excellent feature for subscribing to newsletters in Feedbin, and that has increased my interest on receiving them because emails can get a bit too much. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Restructuring my life

I always do this every Christmas and new year, but for some reason, it's very delayed this year. But I have been thinking about the workload I have and evaluating the things I create. Usually ending with me creating loads of shortcuts to speed up tasks, reviewing loads of apps to see if they can help and also changing what I produce.

This time it was Podcasting that got cut! After ten years of taking part in them, editing and interviewing awesome people, I am hanging up my microphone. Unfortunately, the space is very crowded now and overrun with bigger, better and more exciting productions. That is not me being self-deprecating, it's realistic, and I would like to focus on other things.

I enjoy writing and sending out my newsletter, I would never give up my blog, and I am also getting really into photography again. So something has to give, and it's Podcasting. So all my gear is for sale, I am going to keep a rode USB mic around for the odd guest spot but no more shows from me I'm afraid.

There is one last episode coming, but I did enjoy talking to Charlie Chapman previous week.

Gone Full Frame

I debated long and hard with myself what I wanted to do with my photography and video work. Yes, I know I haven't produced any content for YouTube, but I am making videos for my employer quite often, so it is essential to me.

Only six months after getting my Sony A6400, I had the itch to get something full frame. It made sense for me to upgrade and get a little more dynamic range and improve what's available for me to shoot. Unfortunately, the A6400 is such a great little shooter and is small and compact; it was a difficult choice.

Anyway, long story short, one of the days I was shooting the Table Tennis England Nation Championships I popped into the Nottingham Camera Exchange and they did me a great deal on a Sony A7iii.

You'll have noticed a bit more activity on my Instagram, and even posting some portfolio stuff on Twitter.  I am still learning a lot and watching far too many YouTube tutorials, but it's been fun learning new things. I might have to sell a kidney or start making YouTube videos to pay for this thing, but I'm glad I made the jump.

Samsung Galaxy S20: What is a reviewer’s responsibility?
There’s a minor controversy brewing around the Galaxy S20. I’ve been asked to comment on the issue, and my feelings on this topic are a little messy. Samsung’s newest phones are apparently plagued …
"Techies online are debating how seriously these camera gremlins should be factored into the conclusions of their reviews. It's very likely many of these issues can be fixed with some software patches, and there's a decently high probability a day one patch could be pushed to consumers."

This post raises some interesting points. When should, a review be posted. In my opinion, the device should be reviewed as is and published regardless of promises of fixes. Brands should do the hardworking and test correctly, not use reviewers as a beta tester and expect them to hold fire until issues are sorted.

Google’s education tech has a privacy problem
New Mexico’s attorney general sued Google, claiming its school tools continue to track kids after the final bell.
"While purporting to offer only educational services, Google instead has stripped children and parents of autonomy and control of their most sensitive personal information, forcing children to acquiesce to constant monitoring, in perpetuity, in exchange for their education," the suit says.

This article is low on facts, presumably because of the court case, but if proof is provided that Google is tracking children, this could be huge.

Fast Charge: It’s over for the smartphone – we just don’t know it yet
Feature stagnation, unjustifiable stratospheric pricing and rising issues with privacy – we’re entering an era of smartphone dystopia.
Feature stagnation, unjustifiable stratospheric pricing and rising issues with privacy, addiction and mental health spell doom for the smartphone. We're entering an era of smartphone dystopia and its days on top are numbered.

Despite its clickbait title there is actually a lot of sense in this article. Time isn't up for the smartphone, but the level of upgrades people do is starting to drop dramatically.

For the last decade, every time I got my hands on a new phone, my mother in law would ask me what it does better than the one before. This was easy to answer when you were moving up from an iPhone 3g to a 4s. You could real off a long list of new things. However give the small improvements and much higher cost, now it's getting hard to justify upgrading.

I hope you don't mind hearing from me again in a couple of weeks, let me know if that's the wrong move or anything else you want to tell me on twitter. Until then, take the very best care of yourselves.