Oversharing & Under Caring

For the last week, I have been ill. Not small sniffles and I will get on with it, real illness and being knocked off my feet. It delayed recording a podcast and stopped me writing quite a bit - which is annoying because I was getting into the groove of things.

I am not sure what I want this newsletter to be, and I think that is coming across in people not wanting to sign up again. Although I have sorted my issues with the member's sign-in process, I am hoping to publish a few editions will get things started back. When I started the previous iteration, I wanted to copy others that I subscribe. I saw something and thought, I could do that. In reality, indeed I can, but it's hard to know just how much thought goes into things to painting it past a few weeks.

I had to stop. I just had too, because like every great idea, I rushed into things too quickly and tried to make it also professional. I want to communicate my thoughts and try and get the conversation flowing again. All I want from my writing is to spark conversations. I know it can be pretty one-sided, but blogging needs to return to a few years ago so we can all share ideas and let others know we inspire them.

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RSS feeds

With the above in mind, I wanted to share a few of my favourites in this edition so you can all benefit from reading their posts. I will no doubt miss a few, and apologies if I do. However, if you have any more you think I would like, please let me know.

Matt Birchler http://feedpress.me/birchtree
The Dent https://thedent.net/rss
Chris Hannah http://blog.chrishannah.me/rss/
K.Q. Dreger https://audaciousfox.net/feeds/main.xml
Craig Mod https://craigmod.com/index.xml
Julian Summerhayes https://juliansummerhayes.com/blog/feed/

A Mental Worry Box

One thing I am much more comfortable with is talking about my stuff through email than regular blog posts. This last week we discovered precisely what condition Lucie has and my feelings around it are much more powerful than I imagined.

I understand in my mind that this diagnosis makes zero difference to how Lucie is, but I feel so emotional about it than I ever thought I would. I am trying to give myself some breathing room to process things which got me thinking about other things that need the same sort of space.

Shot made while filming for yesHEis project
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I am very likely to tweet back to someone or write a link post before I have processed all of my thoughts, and this is something I am trying to change myself and encourage others to do. If anything perhaps it is too easy to react before we have thought about things thoroughly and I am reminded of a coping mechanism called the worry box.

The concept is simple - a child suffering with anxiety write down anything they are worried about, places it in their worry box and leaves it there until the end of the day. Then their parent or guardian goes through these with them and talks them through and finds out how many they can change. The idea being to teach children that many things they worry about one minute, won't be affecting them by the end of the day - and also there are quite a few we can't change.

How many of these things can I put in a mental box, to one side, and then return to them later on and then publish something if I still feel I want to.

my new stuff for filmmaking
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Product Reviews

This is something I want to start covering again and looking at new hardware and software. It is still a massive part of my blogs views and is so great long term projects I can throw myself in to.

I have reached out to a few brands, and the response has been positive - if you have anything you'd like me to look at then get in touch.

Thinking About Folding

No I’m not quitting, but I’ve been thinking about folding gadgets recently with the release of the Razr and also the new Samsung on the horizon. More importantly what does folding tech allow us to do that is so inivotive that couldn’t be gained elsewhere?

Talk out the equation the Razr, that seems to be a mid range phone relying on nostalgia to sell, and there seems to be a future in this technology coming very soon. What does this mean for our devices, or does it mean anything outside of a buzz for a couple of years. I always remember 3D TV’s which people told us where the future for a good year - but faded into almost nothing.

Where do you stand on this new technology? Let me know - until next time 🤙

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