I think I’m pretty late to the party, but I’ve been trying to make my homescreen much more minimalist and came across some great wallpapers. I wanted to quieten down my digital life, began exploring minimalist phones like the Blloc, but stopped short of switching. So a simple search for minimalist iPhone setups landed me on several great guides. 

After Konmari all the apps on my phone, and experimenting with greyscale screens and all sorts of options, I came across some interesting wallpapers. Hiding the dock is not in itself calming, but it adds a certain something that I like and doesn’t seem to be used by many people – or perhaps it’s so old no-one else bothers.

These wallpapers were created by Heyeased, and shared on their blog with the rather ominous name Mysterious iPhone wallpapers. You have the option for an ‘almost black’ to hide Dock and folders and also a dark mode version. I went for a version that ‘hides’ the notch. The notch on modern iPhones doesn’t bother me, but after trying this version, I much prefer it.