Homescreen In 2019

Since sharing my homescreen and a few recommended apps in October last year I have been unsatisfied with my phone. I have spoken before about my love hate relationship with using a smartphone, I tried to remove loads of apps and almost turn it dumb – but I realised I loved having a computer in my pocket so this is the result.

I have moved everything onto a single screen and found this much better for my usage. Occasional use apps are found using spotlight and ones I had hanging around just for once in a while use are gone. If I need one I simply download it again or use the web page.

A dark wallpaper helps immensely to combat the usage of my phone, I found the bright patterned ones I loved were too stimulating and switch constantly to those produced by Alex Muench or AR7 on Twitter


A few notable apps are Agenda, which organises my life. Unfortunately my world revolves around calendar appointments so date based note taking is essential for meetings and also podcast show notes.

I have also recently gone back to using Todoist [review], the facility to tie my reminders into Exchange tasks, IFTTT triggers and attach files proved too much to keep me using GoodTask 3 [review].

Drafts [overview]has also recently returned, mainly due to my use of several text apps and being able to make quick notes to send them to social media or my blog, and also Agenda.

Last but not least, I have removed my need for cross platform usage so Overcast is back as my podcast app. There is simply no other app that’s sounds better, or has as good design (I’m really not a fan of the Pocketcasts update).

If you would like to know about anything else please let me know, and also check out my new Shortcuts page for help with automating quite a few of these apps.