HomeScreen January 2021

I find it interesting looking at others Homescreens. It shows me a lot about how they use their phone, even more so now Apple allows an extra layer of customisation thanks to widgets.

It’s also a great way to learn about new apps and see some amazing wallpapers. So here mine!

I don’t have many apps installed at all and always keep my homescreen icons down to a minimum. Widgets are becoming much more useful so I have quite a few in the side page, but only ever a couple on my actual homescreen for information I need in my face.

Note: I have no idea where I got the wallpaper from so it’s not fair of me to share without credit. If I do ever find it again I’ll update the post.


  1. @peterimoore I use it a lot for pulling my notes into Roam Research. It pulls in highlights from pocket, Kindle and also Airr Podcasts. I also enjoy the daily reminder of 5 of the quotes ive highlighted. Helps me retain much more information.

    Its expensive so you really have to get usage out of it.

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