Oversharing & Under Caring

There is a tendency amongst the people I follow on Twitter, and converse with online to get defensive. If you buy a certain product, or talk about a particular thing you are then forever labeled. Expected to defend or comment on everything that happens in that space, and quite often passively mocked. I use Apple products, I more or less like what they produce – but I couldn’t care less what they do as a company.

I’ve said this a few times, most recently of which on last weeks BYOD podcast – but I am unapologetically uninterested in half the ‘news’ surrounding the company. Just because I buy technology equipment from a certain company, purely because it fits my needs, does not mean I give a damn about anything else. If the company folds tomorrow, it might cause me a minor inconvenience, but I really wont care in the slightest.

Why should I care that Apple achieves a certain revenue, or equally that they are doomed because some person on Twitter says so. I am focused on what a difference the products make to my life, what they do for others, and what I can do to help people get the most from their device. I am not bothered how many iPhones sell in China (or anywhere) all I care about is if I buy one or not.

It’s exciting to talk about upcoming products, speculate on rumours about features, or even joke about software bugs – but when it comes to the rest of the noise all I can do is shrug.

Today, here and now, I am making a stand to avoid all talk about sales figures, share prices and all the other stuff that goes with it. I am focused on talking technology and what I does for me (and the world) and the positives surrounding various different products.

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