Oversharing & Under Caring

On the second Friday of the month I add up all my mileage and there is never a time when the total doesn’t scare me. It’s always north of 2500 miles a month and I’m starting to wonder if that’s good for me.

I am sure there are people that do many more, yet presuming I take the regular 1 month off throughout the year. I spend at least 27,000 miles alone just driving. Taking out all traffic jams and other hold ups and accounting for me travelling everywhere at 60mph – that’s 458hours of my year. 19 whole days!!

Add into this time spent eating, waiting for appointments or alone in a hotel room and it’s starting to look pretty scary. I love my job but perhaps I spend too much time alone.

My time is never wasted, I spend all of this time listening to podcasts and audio books – as Aubrey Marcus says practicing mindfillness. Yet I still feel like I spend too much time alone and long term this isn’t good for me. I guess maximising the time I am around people is the key to improving myself.

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