Oversharing & Under Caring

I have no issue with sharing myself and my life in person or online. I have a job in sales, I podcast all the time, yet there is something you may not know about me – I am actually really introverted.

Much much less than I used to be, but it seems to be hard for people to wrap their head around it. I am sure many people would label me as much more outgoing than I actually am, and I used to worry about it quite a lot.

I have what I describe as an extrovert battery, and it only lasts so long. I spend lots of my time alone preparing for the times I need to be more social. I haven’t quite got the time frame down yet, but when working for long periods or spending lots of time with others, around late afternoon I start to flag.

Introverts get their energy by being alone or in small groups, while extroverts get their energy from larger groups of people. – Ellen Hendriksen

I didn’t even realise this was normal until very recently. I thought introverts were those that shy away from everything and were a little socially awkward. Personality traits are often miss understood like this, but all I know is that I feel drained and often need some quiet time to simply recharge.

I thrive in peace and quiet where I can focus, but love interacting with others and conversing. I’m perfectly happy being the centre of attention, but not for too long and providing I get some down time. I guess I need to look after my little extrovert battery, make sure it goes through it’s charge cycles correctly and preserve its longevity.

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