There has already been hundreds of thousands fo words written on this already – but also lots of miss information and half truths. The basics of this are:

  • ARM are believed to have instructed staff to stop working with Huawei going forward. This has been semi-confirmed by Huawei but the future remains unclear.

  • Huawei obtained a permanent license for ARMv8 in February this year. This allows the company to develop their current chips with the current 32/64-bit instruction set of ARM.

  • The instruction from ARM going forward is that Huawei will not longer receive any support from ARM or take part in any technical discussion.

  • This does not mean that any sales ban will be placed on current or future products.

  • The likely outcome is that Huawei will get to a point where the ARMv8 instruction is out of date or being supposed by others. At this point they could either switch to RISC-V, or buy in chips from no US sources.

  • Switching to RISC-V will not be straight forward, but not out of the question. Linux already support RISC-V so given the reluctance from Google to supply their flavour of Android, Huawei are likely to develop their own version with attached services.