iPhone Homescreen Changes

There was a time when I shared my homescreen quite often. Not because I was doing anything fancy with it, but because I liked updating followers with my app choices and wallpapers. I have no idea what changed, but perhaps because of my love hate relationship with my phone it seems to have stopped.

Here is my current homescreen and an update on a few apps I really love.

I am a recent convert to Carrot Weather from Dark Sky. It’s snark and also updates to new iOS12 features convinced me to buy the app and I have loved be meatbag hating jokes ever since.

Todoist is still my choice of task manager [review] and will continue to be for the foreseeable. Its recent updates to include dark mode and on improving the design have made me even happier and the fact it works cross platform, when compared to Things3, keep me using it.

I write almost everything in Drafts now, since give it some time I have fallen in love with actions and it’s markdown keyboard quick actions. For things I publish for other people I do finish it off in Ulysses, but everything else comes from the Drafts app.

Weirdly I am now living a dual podcasts app lifestyle. I use Pocket Casts due to it being cross platform and much easier to use, but the Apple app has to stay around just for use with my cellular Apple Watch. It’s annoying but doable.

It’s also worth mentioning my love of Brain FM for chilling out and focusing on work. Another big win is the Unsplash app, on iOS it is stunning and allows me to find great images for blog posts. Anything else you spot and what to know what it is, hit me up.