For almost the entirety of this month I’ve been playing catch up. Both personally, professionally and also with podcasts. Delays in guests and the holidays meant I took an extended hiatus but came back with a bang. There are already episode recorded for the next 5 weeks and more scheduled going forwards. I have had some great guests on already and feel humble that the listening numbers are climbing rapidly.

Things like this make me more focused despite a mini break down at the start of the week. I have no idea where this imposter syndrome came from, but it can kindly go back where it came from. I spent hours worrying about the podcasts, panicking about the interviews not being good enough and thinking I should just quit. Which is not like me, but short of needing a break from scheduling, recording and editing – it is onwards and upwards.

Writing is coming back slowly, I have gotten more ideas and drafted out some posts including my thoughts on moving to the bigger iPad. Hopefully this will continue going forward as I catch up on things and become more organised.

As a strange result of being behind and restructuring of my working life I have once again reached to Todoist – it still enables me to get more done when the going gets tough. Due to me reaching for a service so utilitarian this just goes to show just how much I have on my plate at the moment. However things are very much looking up and I have lots to look forward to over the next month.

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