Limiting Your Email App Is Just Weird

Unfortunately my current email app of choice Spark is starting to slow down for a reason only know to it. So the worst situation in the working world has arisen, I need a new email app! I sighed deeply and headed to the Appstore to try a few out, but whilst browsing and testing I have discovered a strange trend – limiting email app attachments to certain services.

One of the real plus points of using email for communication is the fact it is reasonably ubiquitous. Most people you will do business with will have an email address or 78. All the services send pretty much the same information, text and documents though a reasonably uniform service. You can pay for power features or vanity URLs, or you can use a free service – but they are all pretty much the same.

So imagine my amazement when I downloaded Microsoft Outlook because it comes highly recommended on iOS, and I cant attach a file!

Ok, not strictly true, but I can’t attach files unless they are stored in certain places. For a reason only known to Microsoft, iCloud Drive or local files are absent from selection. Unless you have been already sent the attachment or uploaded it somewhere else you’re frankly out of luck.

I understand businesses do these stilly things in the hope you will purchase storage from them – this business practice is a discussion for another time. Yet files in Google Drive are fine, and Box, just no local files at all. Given the high praise given the the iOS Outlook app how can something so simple be restricted?

Turns out they are not alone, Gmail for iOS also restricts attachments to local photos and files in Google Drive. This is a bizarre restriction that baffles me completely. The stock iOS email app is strange enough given its insistence of choosing the file first, and almost every other client I have tried has restrictions or paid upgrades, but attachments is on a new level of crazy. Outlook has been swiftly deleted and my search continues.