Oversharing & Under Caring

Matt Birchler wrote:

Ironically, so much of the web is good at having RSS feeds that it was hard for me to find a use for this right away. I eventually figured out that the new releases page on Nintendo's eShop was a site I went to somewhat regularly just to see if anything new was there. I was able to save that URL as a web feed and now I'm getting updates as soon as new games are added. It's pretty nice!

Inoreader seem to always be on the cutting edge of what they can do. and one of the services I love using. They allow you to add in email newsletters and now also track pages that don't have an RSS feed.

Like Matt above I really struggled to find a page I'd want to track - I tried the apple site and it didn't work either!

Also you can only do this in their own apps, which is understandable, but I use Reeder so it's pretty much useless to me.

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