Oversharing & Under Caring

Chris wrote:

My original lack of interest with the watch started I think when I wasn’t going to work. Because that’s probably the only time that I felt I needed constant access to everything. Whether it’s the time, the weather, access to music that’s playing from a device just in my pocket, or all the notifications that I would instantly dismiss.
Now when I think about what I can actually gain from the Apple Watch, I’m not sure if I’m ever really going to wear it regularly again.

I almost got to this point about a month ago. I even took my watch box (box full of regular watches) down to the jewellers and got the batteries replaced.

What stopped me in the end is being able to leave my phone at home more often and still be contactable. So instead of dropping the watch and using my phone more, I stopped using my phone nearly as much.

I can completely see where Chris is coming from though - Apples most personal device isn't actually THAT useful when you don't workout much and especially when you work from home.

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