Oversharing & Under Caring

Josh Ginter wrote:

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro excels on a desk, but grinds to a halt everywhere else. I haven’t picked up or walked around with the big iPad Pro in about six months and haven’t read with it on the couch in even longer. I often use the big iPad Pro at the office to digitally sign PDFs, but even that feels like a rewrite of all those clipboard adventures from sixth grade science class.

I just can’t agree with this at all. I understand that a bigger iPad means you have to make allowances and it isn’t as portable as the 11” version. However that doesn’t mean it “grinds to a halt everywhere else”. I read on my iPad most days sat on the couch or in bed catching up on RSS feeds or reading lists.

I also know many others that do the same, so making this sweeping statement is a little strange. I agree with the point that most people should buy the smaller version, but when I switched the the larger one I have never looked back.

I am currently using my 12.9” iPad for absolutely everything and cant wait to get my hands on the magic keyboard.

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