Oversharing & Under Caring

Over my years of writing about technology I have tried very hard to not come down on one side of the fence. Making every attempt to review and comment on everything as impartially as possible. Although I am now living inside an Apple eco system, I am critical of wrong decisions and am a big fan of Android. However I haven’t used Android at length for a little while so I’m throwing myself in at the deep end – my Android experiment begins today.

For my choice of handset, you will see above, I have chosen the iPhone of the Android world if you will. The Pixel 2 XL in white – AKA the Panda. I will be using the Panda as my personal phone for the next few weeks and documenting my experiences. There will be no slacking, no pulling out and no fan boy comments. Everything will be written and talked about honestly, limiting my natural bias as much as possible.

There are a few things that will inhibit my usage of Android already and these are as follows.

  • I will still be using my iPad Pro. This is my main computer so I have no choice, I can not complete my work, nor publish to this blog without it.
  • I am still using my Apple Watch. This is a strange one, but I need to record all of my health and activity data, so my work iPhone will be taking over the syncing duties, but it now becomes a rather expensive Fitbit!
  • Writing on Android is almost impossible. For some reason Ulysses nor any real note taking app doesn’t exist on Android. So bar moving everything to another service (which I will not do) all of my writing will take place on either my iPad or my Mac.

Other than these cases above I am all in. You will see several posts over the coming weeks discussing my Android usage both positive and negative and I hope you will follow along.

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