My Apple Watch Faces

Surprisingly people are still struggling with Apple Watch faces due to limited design choices. Even more surprisingly people have been asking what I use and advice on band choices. So I though I would throw together a post on what I have been using with the hope it may help.

Watch Faces

One of the best features is the Apple Watch ability to change watch faces with a quick swipe. As annoying as it might be to do it accidentally, the ease that I can almost ‘turn off’ work mode with a swipe is life changing. It may be psychological be changing what I look at on my wrist goes a long way to making downtime effective.

I use three watch faces dependant on my needs, with occasional experimentation with a blank breathe watch face if I don’t want anything to show.

These three are the new infographic with only a few working week related complications. Namely Activity for keeping an eye on my time spent sitting, Carrot Weather and also my task manager of choice GoodTask 3. You can put a whole load of information onto this watch face but I find it too overwhelming. I sometimes mix this up with the explorer watch face with similar complications.

My weekend or out of work watch face is also infographic but this time modular. I’ve thrown in the Overcast complication because I spend more time listening to podcasts whilst walking or at the gym. I also like to keep a closer eye on the weather if we are planing on doing something with the family.


I’ve spoken about my reasonable collection of bands on BYOD before but of late I have been much simpler. I wear a black or dark olive sport loop the vast majority of the time, but for those times I need to wear a suit I switch to the brown leather loop purchased with the original Apple Watch. My only issue at the moment is I am lusting after a Hermes band and they are break the bank money!