Oversharing & Under Caring

How many times can you tolerate being emailed a day? 10, 30,100? Mine is pretty high given the amount I receive for work, but notifications are a pain and each through more than they usually are.

That’s why I have been thinking a lot about how frequently I send out newsletters to members — doing plenty of reading around the subject and seeing what others are saying online. Unfortunately, the number is very subjective and hard to pin down. I am perfectly happy with one email a week if it gives me something of value, but others are not.

I started with the plan to send one each month, but this seems too infrequent to keep in touch. My previous newsletter went out every week and got a little too much given I was writing unique content for it. So my initial idea was to increase it to twice a month, and I guess that people will unsubscribe if it gets too much for them.

Given the fact I have more subscribers now than I ever have done, I don’t want to lose them. I am very aware of people not wanting to be disturbed too often. Emails are pretty easy to set up rules for or ignore but to build value from the content the balance in regularity is a hard decision. I love writing for members only because I can be a bit more personal and give them content earlier than others. I don’t want to build a brand; I want to engage in the best possible way.

Hopefully, people understand this and push back if need be, I am over the moon that the newsletter is going down as well as it is. Even more, so that some people choose to support me a little each month - thank you so much.

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