Cross Posting To Twitter

After trying and failing several times, I am starting to move further and further away from Twitter. I still check in every once in a while, but a good long break is helping to stop my impulses and curb my impusive usage. I don’t hate Twitter, far from it, I love it, I just want…

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Why do I run?

There are numerous things that I cannot remember when and why I started doing, I just do. But running I know exactly when and why. I was in my second year of secondary school, and we were doing cross country. I’d never been a highly active kid, but it was a nice day, and I…

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Moving on and significant others

Chaitanya wrote

The crux of having other significant others (as coined by psychologist Eli Finkel) is to have your needs met from more than just your romantic partner. Your partner cannot always meet all your needs even if you expect them to. So, these are the people who would go along with you to exercise or listen to you vent about things your partner isn’t interested in hearing.

This is some of my issue and why I keep a lot of things to myself. I do not want to burden my wife with my problems, but have no real significant others the share things with.

There are people that reach out, and I am very grateful for this. But how personal do you get with people before feeling embarrassed? Looking back I’m not sure I’ve ever had friends close enough to share my frustrations and worries with. That’s pretty weird isn’t it?

Apple Privacy Information Needs To Go Further

When Apple announced the requirement for apps to be transparent about their privacy implications, I nodded in agreement and never gave it a further thought. Of course they should let users know what is being tracked and the information being used. In fact, the surprising part is that it’s taken until now for something so…

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Mark Zuckerberg Reportedly Told Staff Facebook Needs to ‘Inflict Pain’ on Apple Over Privacy Dispute

Sami Fathi for MacRumours

Facebook states that choosing between tracking users for personalized ads and protecting their privacy is a “false-trade off,” claiming that it believes it can provide both.

Why are you not providing it then 🤦‍♂️.

This par spin Facebook puts on its actions and the attempts to curb its control are getting laughable. We all know what Facebook is like, we all know their company is run by some one letting his ego run a mock, yet they try and spin the story every time.

Zuckerberg has a tendency to lash out when provoked so it will be interesting to see what happens. I can’t think of much they can do to harm Apple though?

♥️ Stadia

I’ve kept reasonably quiet about Stadia, and it’s predicted demise. Partly because I can’t be doing with the hassle and moaning, and partly because I am not that motivated that I want to argue the case for a huge corporation. However, since I first started playing on it a couple of months ago it has…

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Needing Feedback

Last night, just before heading up to bed I published a blog post. Not an exceptionally long one, but something that I wanted to share and hopefully inspire others. Rushing it out, hitting publish just before I turned everything off for the night. Despite settling down and reading my kind for a while and enjoying…

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Insular Bubbles

Mike Rockwell:

The problem with insular bubbles isn’t just that you’re surrounded by people that share the same world view. It’s also terribly problematic that every time an opposing viewpoint pokes through, it’s re-told and framed through the lens of someone that already disagrees with it.
You can’t expect to understand the argument unless you actually listen to someone that believes it whole-heartedly.

I am not sure what provoked Mike’s post, but it could be about any number of things in recent times. Living in a bubble feels amazingly great, you’re rewarded for feeling the same as everyone else and protected by people that feel the same as you. It’s simple biology that may be hardwired to enable us to find safe communities.

As pointed out above, this is dangerous for balanced thought and just general understanding of other people. Building a tolerance to other threads of thought is impossible to achieve when you are not even interested in the other side of the coin.

But why should we? AI and algorithms understand us better than other people, so we are quite contented living in our little bubble and have content surfaced for us to hit that little dopamine bubble. When someone crosses our path that has different beliefs than our own, why should we tolerate it?

To be a better human that’s why!

Reaching Out

It was so nice today to receive a text out the blue just asking if I was ok. It isn’t something I get very often, if at all, but to come from someone I ‘met on the web’ it meant so much more. With my wife suffering from COVID, one child to home school and…

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Classifying Yourself

Kaitlyn Tiffany on Cottagecore:

The impulse for classification is a staple of internet life—tag yourself; add your interests; pick your favourite croissant, and we’ll tell you the Taylor Swift song that sums up your life.

I had no idea what on earth cottage core was when I clicked on this. Turns out it’s yet another way for people to get attention online.

But this statement really stuck out to me. Classifying yourself as something seems to be so important to people, and even fleeting trends on social media seem to need a name.

This label thing seems to be huge in tech. “I’m and Apple guy”. “I’m a manga nerd”. “You’re an Android user”. The need to exist in a group runs deep into our core (see what I did there) and we cling to labels in almost everything we do.

When thinking about who you are, it’s important to know these things and recognise their importance in your life — but don’t make labels important to your existence.