Where is your community? →

Carl Barenbrug going In Search of Alternative Community Platforms:

Although I wouldn’t go as far as saying I entirely dislike them, I feel I could experience much better and healthier communities and technologies than those I have found on the likes of Instagram and Twitter.

I completely get this feeling. I am constantly looking for somewhere where I fit in and people share the same outlook as me, and because of the way most social platforms work they all suck. They seem to all want my attention, want to force conversations on me, and don’t do enough to grow communities on them. [[Social Media In 2021]]

I love Twitter, and that’s part of the problem. Yet I always get this sinking feeling when I use it for a bit. A feeling of dread, doom and stress instead of interacting with like minded people. Yet I have to still us it, not least because my brain won’t let me quit it [[twitter-muscle-memory]], but more for the (at least fleeting) feeling that I am being social.

I’ve tried micro.blog and although the people on there are lovely, if your face doesn’t fit or you opinions on things are different it can suck. Mainly because the people are all pretty similar. [[bye-micro-blog]] However I am convinced that the smaller, paid for communities are the answer it is just a matter of how to find them.

As Carl signs off with.

It’s only going to be through experimenting with other community platforms that this will become clearer to me.

Filtering Out The Noise

In case you’ve switched off, or reading my blog for the first time, you will have noticed that I am struggling to use social media in all of its forms – but particularly Twitter. The constant moving nature of the service, coupled with its instance on surfacing the very worst of that constantly flowing information,…

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Would You Do It For Free? →

Seth Godin on being In it for the money:

It’s such a hard thing to be honest about. Because money is tied into status, possibility, self-worth, connection, sustenance and more. How many people would be doctors if being a doctor was something you couldn’t get paid for?

Many people spout similar things about not working if you love what you do blah blah blah. I mean, its true that if you can find something you love then it doesn’t feel like work, but the world just doesn’t work like people on Linkedin seem to think it does.

Anyway. Who on earth should work for free on anything? Even if you love what you do and don’t get paid for it (like my blogging in some part) you should be rewarded for it if you are providing some value. There are enough people trying to get things for exposure, or companies trying to to employ loads of free interns without all this nonsense.

Seth uses this post to pose some interesting questions about payment for simple things and the value of what people are doing, but providing value to others for no reward is dumb.

My Trust In Reviews →

Chris Wilson on How do you know if they’re a good app reviewer?:

Would you more trust a reviewer who jumps apps as often as they change clothes or one who hasn’t changed app in years? The one who always changes probably is probably too interested in novelty over real usefulness, but the long term user might be too stuck in their ways.

I have been thinking a lot about reviews lately as I dive back into cameras and lust after about a million different lenses. Over the past year I have begun to have a thick layer of distrust against almost anyone doing reviews. YouTube especially has gone from being an invaluable resource when researching into a purchase, to something that provides very little value.

This isn’t just tech. It’s cameras, cars, days out, almost every company trying to sell you stuff has infiltrated the world of online reviews and it’s a pain. Unless I know the reviewer or the person making the video I find myself having to watch multiple people saying almost exactly the same thing until I switch off. I get the need for income if you want to ‘make it big’ and I know a lot of people watch these kinds of videos as entertainment, but when I am trying to research something now I am a bit stuck.

Glass Thoughts

It is really hard for me to form thoughts on new services as quickly as I would like. My initial excitement usually dulls in very quick order but not before I have shelled out some cash to use it. As much as I never think anyone wants to read my thoughts when there are far…

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Other Peoples Trash Can

I am sure I will keep going on about it, and also spam my Instragram now, but having a camera back is a great feeling. I am no Peter McKinnon but to try and build my skills as much as possible I have been watching loads of YouTube, and one point in particular has struck…

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Having A Camera

It was a very quick thought that flowed through one day when writing out edition 33 of my newsletter. A fleeting emotion that struck me when I was thinking about what had happened that week. A week where I had mourned not having a camera around, and not been able to do what I enjoyed.…

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Be Happy It Happened

Recently myself and my wife were talking about death. Nothing happened, it’s just the weird way our minds work and we often end up walking down strange conversational paths, and this one was no different. We both have very different view points on passing on, and although I have no ability to affect the way…

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Work To Live Not The Opposite →

Jason Friend on it being a little bit crazy at work:

It’s no wonder people are working longer, earlier, later, on weekends, and whenever they have a spare moment. People can’t get work done at work anymore. Work claws away at life. Life has become work’s leftovers. The doggy bag. The remnants. The scraps.

I am constantly surprised by the level of work some people seem to put in. This seems a very American thing, and perhaps they are mostly chasing the American dream, but the level of life that their work takes up is frankly ridiculous. Spending 12 hour days at work and then being expected to work weekends and also slave away with no paid holiday (vacation for America readers) seems so weird.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with hustling when it’s needed but it doesn’t have to be the standard to succeed surely. Work to live, don’t live to work is the age old saying but as technology takes on more and more of the slack, why exactly are people working more and more?

Linked By Others

One of my most enjoyable newsletters is Tablet Habit by Jeff Perry, particularly because I am diving back into the world again and using my iPad for everything. I have been lucky enough to be linked by him a few times and it always makes me feel very humble. I never feel interesting enough to…

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