The danger of ‘I already pay for Apple News+’ | TechCrunch

Apple News+ threatens to open a massive hole in news site paywalls, allowing their best premium articles to escape. Publishers hope they’ll get exposure to new audiences. But any potential new or existing direct subscriber to a publisher will no longer be willing to pay a healthy monthly fee to occasionally access that top content while supporting the rest of the newsroom. They’ll just cherry pick what they want via News+, and Apple will shave off a few cents for the publisher while owning all the data, customer relationship and power.

While I understand the point made, I think there is a larger more positive argument. Just like myself, I would like to believe there are users out there that would read the occasional WSJ or other paywalled publication but don’t because the monthly payment isn’t worth it.

I am not convinced Apple news is excellent for most publishers, but it might not be as bad as everyone thinks. I guess time will tell, and I’m sure if the financials don’t stack up, we will see publications pulled from the subscription service.