The Essence of Apple’s Decision | Asymco

In fact that we ourselves don’t know how we make decisions has not stopped us from proclaiming, loudly, that we know how everyone else decides. Such proclamations about others’ decisions are especially confident and assured the more important, or highly visible, the decision.

In this short paragraph Horace managed to cut right to the root of everything I hate about technology commenters. I spent years trying to do this, commenting on points I had no idea of the thought process behind.

All I did was make guesses, and I was ‘no-one’ – but indeed so is almost everyone else. Sum up points, give your opinions on things, but don’t try and pretend you have any idea about why decisions are made unless you are the CEO of one of the most valuable companies in the world.
Even then, as Horace points out, not everything happens for a reason, people change, they grow older and simply want to change things, we don’t need a thousand hot takes.