The Ios-Only Podcasting Kit | Tim Nahumck

That’s when I ended up finding something new as unique: the Røde i-XLR. This device was made for reporters, plugging into an XLR microphone and allowing mobile recording of interviews; when I saw it, I thought it might work perfectly for podcasting as well. Rather than take my XLR connection through an expensive USB interface into an XLR recorder of some type or another adaptor to my iPhone, this allows me to use my XLR connection and plug it directly into the iPhone without all the extra cables and steps. There’s even an app – the Røde Recorder – which was specifically made for this microphone. The idea was intriguing, so I decided to purchase it and test it out.

I’ve been talking to Tim about this set up for a few weeks and I’m really glad it works out. He’s a guy that truly is iPad only, and not just for the sake of saying so.

Let’s hope audio improvements come with iOS13, but this just goes to show with a bit of research and a little outlay you can do pretty much anything on an iPad.

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  1. LJPUK May 31, 2019 at 6:49 pm

    @gr36 LOL, hoping iOS 13 sorts out audio on iPad.

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