After messing around with WordPress for a long time and never being happy with the performance, things have changed. Couple this with the fact I work on my phone and iPad a lot and I solved two issues with one stone.

My blog is now a static site built with Jekyll and hosted through Github pages. In order to publish posts there are a few Workflows that make my blog and are absolutely essential to my content publishing.

Screenshots And Device Frames

There are loads of device frame Workfows out there and they are all pretty much the same. The one I use is simply for iPhone X screenshots, but there are more complex ones for multiple device such as this one from Jordan Merrick.

For multiple screenshots to make guides or to create effective review images such as the ones on this page I combine and resize these with a very simple Workflow.

Image Optimisation

This Workflow combines two separate steps I had for a long time. I was either uploading an image or shrinking it and then uploading it. Where as this does bothand copies the URL to the clipboard.

You will need to sign up for a free Tinify API key and place this in the highlighted text field. In order to save to my GitHub repository it requires Working Copy app. This is a powerful app that is a staple of anyone that uses github and will crop up a lot in this guide. This gives me a URL to paste into the markdown sheet I am working on.

Post to Github

Once you have all the text sorted, put in all the images it’s time to post. This Workflow was adapted from one made by Jordan Merrick and customised slightly to my site.

Simply share markdown text to this fantastic workflow and it will do its magic. Grabbing the sheet title, turning it into the file name and also add on all the YMAL front matter for Jekyll.

This ends with the git commit being completed by Working Copy the same as before.

I am a big fan of Daring Fireball type links posts, to a point. I implemented a few of these when using WordPress yet I have seen people get them very wrong. They clog up the posts page and flood the RSS feed. So I’ve done things slightly differently and this workflow is its back bone.

It follows the same flow as posting to GIT but takes a quote from a page, implements the markdown for the quote properly and allows some comments to be put underneath.

All that is needed is to copy the desired quote to the clipboard and then share the page to the workflow using the share sheet. Complete the commit using Working Copy and voila.

Embrace The Workflow

There are many others that I use to be creative such as converting Apple Notes to Markdown or simply grabbing an affiliate link. There really is no end to its talents, grab some Workflows and get creative. If you need anything else then get in touch.