There aren’t many things that get me invested in a whole new platform, but reading offline and web clipping is one issue I come up against all the time. It’s not everyones bag, but when I write online or save things on a professional level, I like having everything in one place. Some services do web clipping ok, some do it poorly and until now only Evernote did it well. Colour me surprised when Notion, the database disguised as a workspace, cracked it and now I’m all in!

To be completely honest, I have dabbled with Notion before. Its all encompassing and mouldable workspace app pulled me in for a few weeks a little over a year ago. Although powerful and immensely useful, the platform seemed focused more on desktop usage than mobile, and it felt overly confusing on mobile.

Thankfully for the last few weeks the team has been shipping great updates, including rewriting the whole mobile app, making importing from Evernote much easier and adding in the aforementioned web clipping through the share sheet. Simply find a webpage you want to save, head to the share sheet, tap notion and then select where you want the link to be posted.

In notion there will now be a page with Title, link, all text and images from the webpage you selected. It is hugely powerful with very few webpages that trip it up when compared to Bear or other options on the market. The whole process feels very native to iOS and is done very well. Tie into this to their excellent dark mode and you have all the connivence of reading your clipped articles in a pleasing design, with a fully searchable database of all posts. This comes in surprisingly handy to find quotes and information later on.

It’s great to see their mobile apps get plenty of attention and with plenty planed for the future including a web API there is plenty of reasons to dig into the service. I have already replace much of my todo list, writing and also notes app. I have a feeling this is going to be great for my digital minimalism going forward.