Oversharing & Under Caring

I love Twitter - it’s my thing. I try to quit it, I hate the abuse, the drama and most of all the adverts, but it keeps pulling me back in. So for the last month I have been muting all the twitter adverts I see in my time line and it starts to get weird real quick!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work the way you think it would, you never reach the end and see no ads. I was hoping for an end to the never ending promoted box, or at least a slight repreeve from it, but instead the adverts start going down hill.

First the targeting takes a hit, Twitter starts to show you other ads that might not be relevant, that you’ve never seen before and probably won’t do again.

Some that are downright just not for me!

Then you get the small players fall in. The companies that probably can’t afford to be top of the pile in ad spend but still try really hard to reach an audience.

Once these dry up you start getting the usual drop shipping ads that litter instagram and Facebook. This watch shows up a lot.

With the occasional MLM or try hard influencer with somewhat shady products.

Not forgetting some weirdness thrown in.

Once you’ve muted all these, this takes some time because there are hundreds of them. The real weirdness starts, random ads that appear to be fake or clickbate.

This kid gets about a bit

Some that I really can’t work out what they are.

And then at the end of the pile, Russian fake news.

It has been an interesting ride, and one that has been eye opening to say the least. I thought at the end of it I might find a nirvana that no more companies wanted to advertise to me, instead I found that there are always companies that want you - they just get shady very very quickly.

I think I want my targeted ads back.

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