What If Instagram Got Rid Of Likes? – The New York Times

What would a metric-free, or metric-light, social media actually feel like? It’s not so easy to imagine revisionist platform histories, given how integral metrics have been to the stories of their rapid rise and dominance. These omnipresent numbers have also served as imperfect but widely used ways to quantify revolutions, jokes, screw-ups and presidencies. And their proprietary and borrowed names — shares, likes, follows, views — have infused our everyday speech.

This was one of the biggest things to get my head around but now one of the best things I love about micro.blog.

Getting rid of likes and follower counts gets rid of all most all of the attention seeking on social media. Believe it or not it makes the place much happier, a lot less stressful and spectacularly more honest.

A world without social influencers would be a much better place indeed.