I wrote a short link post about RSS experiencing a bit of a resurgence lately. So I thought I would randomly share the feeds I am subscribed to and hope to highlight them to others. In no particular order


I’m a huge fan of Matts work, as are many people. Matt circles the Apple narrative without being bias and shares his thoughts on all sorts of topics. He goes into ridiculous detail, and loves his graphs so give me a try. I’ve even had him on the BYOD podcast which was also a blast.

iPad Guild

This site is new to me but has quickly become one of my favourites. For those that work or even use and iPad the site is packed full of tips, tricks and apps to please everyone.

Becoming Minimalist

The Minimalism documentary was one of the most life changing experiences for me. Since then I have been focusing on having less ‘stuff’ and more on the people around me. Becoming Minimalist is one of the best sites I have found with blogs, tips and helpful posts coming think and fast.

Pixel Envy

Again this is a new site to me but has quickly become one of the only places I get my technology news. A stream of link posts on various topics have kept me well informed about topics I wouldn’t have read other wise. I would highly recommend adding it to your stream.

Jordan Merrick

Jordan has been helping me with Workflow and blogging on Jekyll for longer than I care to imagine. He’s an Englishman living in the US and a technology ninja to boot. His posts are varied, enjoyable, and he’s just started a new iPad website too.

Beady Guy Musings

The guy has a beard, uses an iPad and also shares many of the same thoughts as me. It’s a match made in heaven that has proved enjoyable for the last few months since I discovered the website. You will definitely enjoy.

This list is no where near complete and I’m sure will be updated over time. Shameless plug to my own RSS feed for posts and also link posts. If you have any more to recommend me let me know!