It seems like something from the dark ages of the internet. A tool used to communicate before we had social media, thousands of messaging apps (50,000 from Google) and even RSS – yet newsletters are still a considerable part of a brand and individuals communication, and I’ve started one.

Not because I had more to say, but because many of my posts and thoughts now are buried under millions of others posts on social media. My reviews come out weeks and months after all of the prominent publications release theirs, and frankly, the noise is a little too much.

It is tough to find an audience with so many excellent publications and people producing great things. Much like the resurgence of RSS feed consumption, newsletters feel infinitely more personal, and any communication feels more genuine. Putting a few barriers to entry, helps both myself and any person wishing to subscribe. I get a more engaged audience and the ability to share interesting posts and write different things, and subscribers are delivered it to consume at their leisure – it doesn’t go out of date or feel old.

This isn’t a pitch for you to subscribe, although I would like that, but more an explainer on why you should be more open to subscribing to a newsletter. Each medium has its place and an email in your inbox once in a while is a refreshing change from fast moving high consumption media.

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