I go backward and forwards with living my life online. I used to share absolutely everything and get a decent following doing it. Writing, podcasting and lately videos have been a way to express myself but also share things online for others. Yet its’ a struggle sometimes to be motivated to do so, a constant battle with my motivation, particularly when I have lots going on with my family anyway.

When I shared a brief snippet of my journal on Twitter I did so for others to see what I go through and perhaps help someone. I got back the types of replies that are the whole reason I publish things online, and it really made my day.

I've never made a secret of my struggles, to look from the outside many say things like "he hasn't got anything to worry about" and the truth is I thought they were right - and that was wrong of me.

This is the flip side of what everyone claims about Twitter – that it is toxic and full of hate. Undoubtedly that is the case some times (I have suffered my fair share) but when you receive replies like the one above it is a huge motivation. Interaction levels on any other platform is terrible in comparison, at one point I could see myself leaving for somewhere else but my followers on Twitter are as important to me as ever.

Thank you to those that replied, and also reached out to me privately to give me words of encouragement. The reason I do what I do is for other people, as it is for me.