I started writing this post as a page for my blog. It began with a few words about how and why you should think about supporting me, and what I could do if people did. It took a long time to start writing it because I didn’t know what to say but soon turned into a blog post about more than just what you can get.

I’ve been writing now for more than a decade, I would love to have more of my posts around, but unfortunately, many of my posts are lost to time. Or moving blogs, or embarrassment, one site just down right stole them. I’ve bought products to review out my pocket; I’ve always covered hosting of everything and never received anything back. At one point in time, I would make this my career and write full time, but it soon became clear there are many others out there with a higher ability than me blogging away for free. That was fine by me; I write things because I want to share them and because I love being somewhat creative.

Indeed I do show the occasional ad, which is still an experiment but may end soon. But more than anything I’d love to build a circle of people to interact with and share too. Think close friends on Instagram or circles on the ill-fated Google +.  So yes people giving a little something will help run my website, and help me get hold of things to recite faster, but it helps me build a community and share back to them also. I’d love for other people to have the same and create thing together.

Memberships are not about a money grab at all, they are about people being rewarded for their efforts, but also to know that people enjoy what they are putting out. Bloggers don’t always get page views; we don’t have subscriber counts or post likes - so these types of things help.

If you'd like to support me think about signing up.