The Pro Default

I always love a good trip to the Apple store. A little to gaze at all its capitalist glory, but I usually have a good chat with the person sorting my stuff out and enjoy meeting some new people. Picking up my Apple Watch last week was no different and I had a good chat…

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I Don’t Use My Phone Much

Every time I tweet these words or heaven forbid say them out loud, I get a wide variety of strange looks and responses. Many of which I couldn’t really understand and some of which could be the start of alienation completely. For some strange reason, some people took this personally — and that’s weird. You…

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A Month Without An Apple Watch

I’ve been toying with the idea of not using an Apple Watch on off for a few years. Usually when summer rolls around and I don’t want a tan line I think about leaving it at home more, but always go back after a few days. Well, this year I had an enforced hiatus from…

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iPhone 13 Pro Review: Another Step Forward

Last year I decided the iPhone 12 Pro was the best choice in the line-up. It offered the best compromise for getting the best technology in a smartphone while not having to carry around a giant surfboard. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t perfect and didn’t feature the absolute best Apple has to offer leading some (myself…

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iPhone 13 Mini Review: Problems Solved

When the iPhone 12 launched I couldn’t make my mind up which one of the all-new line up I wanted. Granted it was a weird year with different release dates, but in the end I ordered them all. Which was an interesting endeavour to see the real-world differences between using them. Most of which are…

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Junk Values

For the longest time I have been questioning why I do things. Not because I like making myself feel bad, although I am sure some people think I do, but because one of my biggest motivations is to ensure I get the most of my brief time on this earth. I want to make sure…

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You Probably Don’t Need A New Thing →

Patrick Tomasso in his iPhone 13 Pro review:

Learn how to do the things you want to do instead of buying things hoping it will allow you to do the thing you want to do.

It’s a bit of a joke among photographers the number of times people say to you something along the lines of “you take really good photos you must have a nice camera”. There is no response to this statement that allows people to grasp the stupidity in what they said other than handing them the camera and telling them to take some good photos.

Which is an arrogant thing to do. However, the fact remains that the camera is just a tool. Granted, some cameras can sometimes improve certain aspects in photos but the results are because of the person using the tool.

Which all the words are set up to lead me into saying the same thing Patrick says in his video. You don’t need to spend money to become a thing, you just need to learn the skills needed. You don’t need an iPhone 13 Pro to take better pictures no matter what Apple tells you in their marketing. The cameras are great, but they were great in the models that went before them. The most important thing is to keep taking photos and improving.

This appears in so many places in photography. The believed need to get a full frame camera, and new lens, loads of kit is all consumerism and nothing more. I am not pro, but I have improved so much using APSC cameras and ‘cheep’ lenses, and I still take rubbish pictures even with a ‘better camera’.

Concentrate on learning, not spending.

Time For An Actual Oh. So. Pro Camera

This is so pro, and we think you’re really going to love it. Words that seem to flow out of every Apples executive at every mention of their top-of-the-line iPhone. Of course, we can argue for ever about what Pro actually means but when it comes to cameras, Apple talks a good talk in every…

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Not Just A Question Of Economics →

Federico in his iPad Mini review:

The new iPad mini has no such aspirations. Instead, the iPad mini flips the iPad Pro aesthetic on its head and asks: what if the iPad Pro’s industrial design, with its focus on gestures and the display, could also work in a tablet that is unashamedly portable and designed to be held at all times, rather than propped up on a keyboard?

This is one of the huge points that I have failed to articulate. Not since the first iPad Pro have I picked up a device and instantly been convinced it will change everything.

Not because it’s small, and light – it is obviously. But because it’s not trying to be an iPad Pro at all. There is no keyboard for me to buy and no lofty aspirations that I should be using it for ‘real work’. It’s just an iPad.

One I can throw in my bag and take anywhere. Read in bed and catch up on my favorite tv shows whilst sitting in the car. Whilst indeed the iPad Air is not too much more expensive it feels like a cheaper iPad Pro. Whereas the mini is just what I need as an accompanying device to everything else I have. I could do all these things on a bigger iPad, or a bigger phone, but I don’t want to.

This isn’t a device for everyone, but it’s perfect for me.

The Wallpaper App V2

When it comes to using your tech, there are few better feelings than slapping on a new wallpaper and feeling like you’ve got a brand-new phone. Being able to add in a high resolution backing to all your apps overtime you unlock your phone or tablet that shows of your personality sometimes takes a lot…

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