The iPad In 2018

I am now a little over 3 years with the iPad as my computer and nothing much has really changed. I wrote about one year of using the iPad Pro as my computer last year but I started with an iPad Air 2 in 2015. Don’t get me wrong, the power of the iPad has improved, the level of apps has taken a huge leap forward and even the OS... [Read More]

HomePod Initial Impressions

The HomePod itself it deceptively small, but surprisingly heavy. It comes boxed in the usual Apple style - paying particular attention to the experience of sliding off the top and uncovering the HomePod it all its glory. Bar the device itself there is little else in the box apart from a small information card and a single Apple logo sticker. [Read More]

Android Experiment - The Results

After a little over a week I have ended the experiment. This hasn’t gone one as long as I had hoped, but I kept hitting barriers to getting things done and kept having to pick up an iOS device to make it viable any longer. So I have moved the Panda onto someone that can give it the usage it deserves and returned to being a full time Apple user.... [Read More]

AirPods And Android

One of my favourite and most used secondary products are my AirPods, I use these for at least an hour a day so any new phone needs to work with these. During my Android experiment I would expect Android to also do the same, at least in the short term until I could find something better. So I have been using Apple AirPods with my Pixel 2 XL (AKA The... [Read More]

My Android Experiment

Over my years of writing about technology I have tried very hard to not come down on one side of the fence. Making every attempt to review and comment on everything as impartially as possible. Although I am now living inside an Apple eco system, I am critical of wrong decisions and am a big fan of Android. However I haven’t used Android at length for a little while so... [Read More]

Sales Of iPhone X Strong But Not Record Breaking

It is unlikely we will ever know exactly how many iPhone X were sold by Apple. They usually release a huge total of all combined models, but never break it down into the versions. However researcher Canalys has put a number on it, and it looks promising. [Read More]

Building A Micro Blog On Jekyll

After exploring other options to sharing on social media and using I’m stuck. There doesn’t seem to be the perfect option out there to fulfil all of my needs so for now I still to my own blog. [Read More]

Using - AKA Me ‘Quitting’ Twitter

So. Deep breath and we will begin my attempt to leave Twitter and still be social. Timothy Smith summed this up perfectly when talking about micro blog by saying “I wanted to get away from Twitter. If you don’t get why, that’s ok”. For my attempt I decided that I needed something that would still allow me to share blog posts and BYOD podcast episodes, but keep me away from... [Read More]

The Workflows That Make My Blog

After messing around with Wordpress for a long time and never being happy with the performance, things have changed. Couple this with the fact I work on my phone and iPad a lot and I solved two issues with one stone. [Read More]

Best Tech Purchased In 2017

Unfortunately it’s still early enough in the year for everyone to still be producing these listicles! During last weeks BYOD podcast Nati asked me what my favorite device from this year was, and it turns out I haven’t bought many! However there are a few major wins from 2017 and here they are. [Read More]