Google Tasks Launched

Google have launched the latest in its suite of apps, the simply named Google tasks. This aims to make sure you get all of those tasks done you’ve been putting off (forgetting). It provides integration between Gmail and other Google services but unfortunately not much else. [Read More]

What's In My RSS Feed

I wrote a short link post about RSS experiencing a bit of a resurgence lately. So I thought I would randomly share the feeds I am subscribed to and hope to highlight them to others. In no particular order [Read More]

I Don’t Pay For Subscriptions

Every so often we have a paying for apps debate, sparked off by a popular app releasing an update or changing income model - and here we are again. Drafts 5 launches to quite a bit of fun fair from reviewers and also some backlash from users. Time and time again you hear “I won’t pay for app subscriptions”. [Read More]

Todist + Trello = Trelloist

Despite much buzz around Things of late, I have found myself falling back into using Todoist more and more. Not because of the design, not because it doesn’t do things many other apps do - but because of the open nature of the platform and the powerful API ability. One of the very best I have found so far is Trelloist. [Read More]

Design Plagiarism And Denial

There appears to be some confusion around what copying is. Couple this with the argument breaking down into an inevitable Android vs iOS debate and Twitter has been exceptionally noisy today. [Read More]

My Current Podcast SetUp

During my years of podcasting I have gone through many bits of tech. Unfortunately during my early years it took nothing more than an opinion for me to doubt what I was using, and I now use whatever fits in best for me. Podcasting isn’t hard, the bar to entry is extremely low with loads for tech available, but this is what I use. [Read More]

The Apple Watch Honeycomb

Right from the off the Apple Watch got a tremendous amount of negative reaction. Reviewers said it was under powered, looked strange and the OS felt like a confusing mess. Some had valid points about watchOS, and ever since Apple have been stripping away parts to make it more cohesive. Yet the hate for the ‘honeycomb’ layout app grid remains - but I like it. [Read More]

Where’s My Name Gone?

Over the past few years I have been writing on and off for several websites. Some small, some slightly bigger, never successfully but I enjoyed it all the same. I flirted with writing if you will. During this time I never really cared about my words, I never really gave a second thought to what happens to them in a few years, but I have noticed a trend of taking... [Read More]

The Strange World Of Productivity Set Up Videos

Whilst putting the world to rights on the Outline podcast, Daryl asked me if I am ever happy with my set up. Of course the answer is no! I am never happy and constantly try and improve my productivity and set up. This invariably leads me down a rabbit hole and into the very weird world of productivity set up videos. [Read More]

Copying The Notch Is Only Part Of The Problem

There are so many things I don’t understand about technology companies, and even more I don’t understand about users. We are almost predisposed to pick a side and sick with them to the bitter end (not being a fan boy is hard). Yet the companies we stick by make the strangest of decisions for us, locking down customisations, installing default apps or even ripping off brands users claim to hate.... [Read More]