The Workflows That Make My Blog

After messing around with Wordpress for a long time and never being happy with the performance, things have changed. Couple this with the fact I work on my phone and iPad a lot and I solved two issues with one stone. [Read More]

Best Tech Purchased In 2017

Unfortunately it’s still early enough in the year for everyone to still be producing these listicles! During last weeks BYOD podcast Nati asked me what my favorite device from this year was, and it turns out I haven’t bought many! However there are a few major wins from 2017 and here they are. [Read More]

Slowness Isn’t The Issue

Apple didn’t apologise for slowing your phone down. Not because of arrogance, not because they don’t care, but because they really didn’t have to. A phone getting slower over time is really not the issue here, the issue is transparency and communication (and perhaps a little bit of urban legend). [Read More]

iPhone Lopie Sea Island Cotton Series Case

You will often find me spending far too much money on productivity apps, but I have another love. Cases are another thing I am never happy with, always looking for the new thing that will keep my pride and joy safe. [Read More]
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Perfect Months Don’t Mean A Dam Thing

I have had somewhat of a love / hate relationship with Apple Watch. I love the majority of its health features. It has allowed me to listen far more closely to my body and my activity levels. Alongside also frustrating me with achievements that I cannot and should not be able to achieve. Unfortunately fellow users I am here to tell you that your pictures of your perfect month achievement... [Read More]