Slowness Isn’t The Issue

Apple didn’t apologise for slowing your phone down. Not because of arrogance, not because they don’t care, but because they really didn’t have to. A phone getting slower over time is really not the issue here, the issue is transparency and communication (and perhaps a little bit of urban legend). [Read More]

iPhone Lopie Sea Island Cotton Series Case

You will often find me spending far too much money on productivity apps, but I have another love. Cases are another thing I am never happy with, always looking for the new thing that will keep my pride and joy safe. [Read More]

Perfect Months Don’t Mean A Dam Thing

I have had somewhat of a love / hate relationship with Apple Watch. I love the majority of its health features. It has allowed me to listen far more closely to my body and my activity levels. Alongside also frustrating me with achievements that I cannot and should not be able to achieve. Unfortunately fellow users I am here to tell you that your pictures of your perfect month achievement... [Read More]

My Favourite Mac Apps

There have been several posts just like this one floating around the web over the last few days. Some written simply to cash in on people searching for apps for their new devices gifted over the holidays. However many have been genuinely useful and I have discovered some great apps that I never knew existed. So taking inspiration from those, these are my favourite macOS apps this year. [Read More]

Smartphone addiction and me

I can feel it once again, the stirs of urges that are controlling my habits without any conscious thought. All the billions poured into research and development, all the hours of design and engineering are working. All simply to keep me picking up the computer in my pocket. [Read More]

Journaling With Day One Review

I’ve been toying with the idea of journaling for a long time. I’ve started jotting things down several times, but never really got the hang of it. Although I liked the idea of having a physical diary of my thoughts, I was always worried it wouldn’t stay personal. So a digital version seemed like the only way and thats where Day One comes it. Helping me to journal as much... [Read More]

RememBear- Password Manager With Personality

There are a huge variety of password managers out there now, unfortunately some people still resort to writing them down! The creators of TunnelBear have launched a new app to try and make Password Managers more fun and user friendly. RememBear aims to boost the levels of password manager usage with their usual cute animals. [Read More]

Exclusive: Mindfulness to Become Fourth Circle To Fill

Mindfulness or meditation has existed for thousands of years but has experienced a huge boom over the last few years. The benefits of bringing your concentration on your breath are almost undeniable, but it has experienced a boom in recent years and is particularly prevalent in Silicone Valley. With that in mind Apple are exploring the option to add the practice as a fourth ‘ring’ to fill. [Read More]

What Does A Swipe Do

On a recent episode of Bring Your Own Device I was adamant that the recent control centre indicator was a weird bug and would soon go away. Yet here we are with iOS 11.2 now public and it’s still there! The reason I was so sure is that Apple has never relied on indicating things more than once - the reason I was wrong is that Apple don’t seem to... [Read More]

No More Micro USB

Posts from The Verge go from the brilliant to the absurd, but one call to arms is perfect for the new year. Vlad Savov has declared his independence from MicroUSB and I wish we could all do the same. [Read More]