What Happened To Rich People?

This week, Jeff Bezos went to space. I am not interested enough to get emotional about it, although some people are. I am also not going to use this to launch into an anti-Amazon tirade, because I could. I have simply been thinking that I long for a time when people with loads of money…

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Shortcut: Pocket Quote To Obsidian

One of my favorite things to do is read through all the items I have saved throughout the day to my articles. It gives me time to wind down and usually gives me something to think about, and where most of my link posts come from. Unfortunately I can’t find anything that reliably shares any…

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Why Are Apple Media Apps So Terrible →

Reddit user heyyoudvd replying to a thread on Why do Apple’s media services apps suck so bad?:

This was the single biggest fear I had with Apple getting into the content business, and it’s coming to fruition. When you become a services company, you are financially incentivized to sell your services. You’re incentivized to put your content ahead of your end user experience.

That’s why the Music and TV apps feel like giant ads. Instead of providing you with tools to organize, arrange, and sift through your content, these apps are built like giant billboards, advertising the next movie and the next album that they want you to consume. It’s not about what you want to watch or listen to; it’s about what content they want to push on you.

The surprising thing from this thread is the fact that so many people don’t realise this. It’s the reason that most things from Apple are average at best and no where near the level of innovation they were in the past. When you reach a certain level of revenue and have overwhelming responsibilities to share holders, your outlook becomes much wider than it once was.

As Seth Goodin would say you have to start making “average products for average people”. You are no longer interested in creating great products for your fans, but need to look at larger and larger audiences and as such become vanilla.

Apple no longer makes iPhones, Macs, iPad, apps and everything else for you. It makes them for everyone.

The service example used here is a perfect one, there is no incentive to make the best app on the market any longer. If you’re Apple there is a huge incentive to make one that pushes its wears in your face. Apple no longer even conforms to its own rules for apps, and only upholds its App Store rules for some companies and not others. All in the pursuit of income and you, as users, should not be surprised.

Users hold up revenue figures and ridiculous numbers of iPhones sold as a badge of honor and then are surprised when it comes back to bite them in the ass. You don’t get it both ways I’m afraid.

One Mans Junk Is Another Mans Treasure →

Chris Hannah on the subjectivity of weeds:

For example, when reading a product review, whether it’s an app or a computer, it’s important to remember that a weed to them might not necessarily be a weed to you. So you need to take into consideration any biases that the reviewer might hold themselves, before applying their findings to your situation.

This comes up a lot when talking about iPads as Chris points out but also absolutely anything that you can form an opinion on. One of the most important skills is to figure out where the other person is coming from, any biases that have an affect of their opinions. As well as other deciding factors.

I often find when looking at reviews the cons pointed out don’t really matter to me, or seem harsh and more often than not some of the features that they enjoy don’t work in a way that I need. A weed is only a weed of you don’t want it there.

Getting Rid Of Amazon

I feel like I am cutting more things out of my life than I am putting in at the minute, but its a journey that is proving ever beneficial. Amazon have annoyed me to such a stage that I am removing my reliance on them completely, a task that unfortunately is proving more difficult that…

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A Quick Check In

I wrote about deactivating my account on this weeks newsletter sent out on Thursday. It is something I need to do, if only to prove to myself I can. Without going in to too much detail I just want to break the habit of scrolling through it all the time — read the newsletter for…

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Scared Of Changes →

M.G. Siegler in defence of Safari:
largely I read this critique (which itself is kicked off by linking to another critique, which itself is kicked off linking to more critiques still) as one that is just as much about not liking change at all as it is about the new changes.

This was very much me when I first tried out iOS15 a few weeks back. The iOS version especially just breaks my brain and every bit of muscle memory built from years of using an iPhone.

I still don’t get it though. Even after taking a step back and looking at the way it works. The bottom URL bar I can forgive even though it feels like changing for changing sake, but the buttons that users need are all now hidden away. Reload, share, in fact everything other than forwards and backwards is behind a nondescript three dots. This feels a little like the multi-function reply button from iOS13 so hopefully the designers will realise how stupid this is — Matt Birchler has offered up a few ideas that are straight from current HIG designs.

Deactivated Twitter

This week I chose to deactivate my Twitter account at least temporarily. There was no single reason for doing this, because if there was I am sure it would of happened long before now. It is simply because I don’t like the way using Twitter makes me feel. I have written before about my love…

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Sharing Everything Is Too Much →

G. Keenan Schneider on Hating the Internet

Social media has convinced us that any thought, regardless of effort taken in developing it, is worthy of publication.

I think I have shared this post before, because it is full of relatable content and take away quotes – but this one hits perfectly.

When i first started with twitter seeing all the “just heading to yoga” tweets because almost everyone I followed I knew personally and the service as a whole was pretty quiet. Knowing things about the people you wanted was enjoyable and easy to get through the noise.

We now live in a time where everything is regurgitated onto your time line, there is no way to filter specific types of tweets, and the platform as a whole is full of noise. As such I have to move further and further away from the platform I love.

Not least becuase the service is determined to surface the most polarising and “engaging” tweets into my timeline and its all a bit too much.

How To Publish To Micro.blog With iOS Shortcuts

My blog is currently hosted on the excellent micro.blog service. I could go on about why I chose this place to host, but my thoughts are summed up on my post here. It suits me perfectly because I publish everything to one place, from short ‘tweets’ to photos and also all of my writing. Due…

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